Principles of Strategic Communication

Course (context course): JOUR 3201 Principles of Strategic Communication

Department: School of Journalism and Mass Communication (CLA), University of Minnesota

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Course Description

Jour 3201 is a rigorous, content-­‐heavy context course designed to introduce professional journalism students to strategic communications. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a fundamental awareness and understanding of strategic communication theory and methods, which will prepare them for their advanced coursework in advertising and public relations. Additionally, this course is designed as a survey of the career field so that students can both gain important understandings of how the various practice areas work together, as well as determine which track (advertising or public relations) best suits their own career goals. The class uses both lecture and discussion to advance the curriculum. Students are expected to complete reading assignments, stay abreast of industry news and trends, and actively participate in class discussions.

Expected Competencies

Upon entering this course students are expected to have fundamental knowledge of mass communication history, theory, and practice including:

  • Knowledge of the history of mass communication
  • Basic literacy and comprehension of common mass media practices and vocabulary
  • Basic understanding of the major theories governing mass communication
  • Working knowledge of the First Amendment, ethics, and professional responsibilities in mass communication
  • Understanding of information gathering and evaluating processes in mass communication